The course aims to allow students to analyse and discuss the main questions of a new urban planning and design profile. The approach is multi-scalar and interdisciplinary.
The Urban Planning section of the integrated course in Urban Planning and Design is complementary to the Territorial Analysis section coordinated by prof. Gabriele Pasqui. In this Section the problems and perspectives of contemporary planning practices will be discussed with particular attention to the deep changes in urban dynamics and to the relationship between planning and design. To reach the goal the course will consider some case studies and some texts which give an overview of relevant issues. This Section has a direct relationship with the Urban Planning and Design Workshop too.
In the Territorial Analysis section some crucial aspects of changes in contemporary city will be discussed especially in the relationship between spatial organisation and socio-economic dynamics. These changes will be analyzed in the perspective of urban populations and from the point of view of the consequences on urban projects, policies and plans.

Lessons organization

The lessons of Urban Planning section are organized into five packages, supported by texts and case studies:
1. Course presentation and vocabulary
2. Patterns, landscapes and guidelines
3. City of Cities: Bologna as a case study
4. Visual communication
5. Disciplinary memory

The lessons of Territorial Analysis section will be divided into three parts:
1. a short presentation of the main concepts introduced in the lesson;
2. a discussion of a text (in English) relevant for the comprehension of the themes. (The text will be distributed to 5 to 10 students the week before and will be presented by some of them);
3. a presentation of a context/situation (a case study, an empirical research, a project) useful for the comprehension of the themes introduced in the lesson.


For the Urban Planning section, the evaluation will be based on an oral examination.
During the examination each student will discuss:
- a short review text of the Section, considering the integration with Territorial Analysis section. The review will be delivered one week before examination;
- one case study or one text chosen among those of the suggested list.

For the Territorial Analysis section, the evaluation will be based on an oral examination.
Each student will discuss:
- one of the texts presented during the course (see below) and the reference book quoted above
- three of the texts presented during the course.


Examination Conditions for Urban Planning section


Teachers responsible
Patrizia Gabelllini
Gabriele Pasqui
Giulia Fini

Time-table and Location
10.15 – 13.15 [Pasqui - classroom G2]
14.15 – 17.15 [Gabellini - classroom G2]

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